A new era of learning with Samsung Education Display Solutions

A new era of learning with Samsung Education Display Solutions

To enable education institutions to meet the requirements of this digitalization trend, Samsung offers a full portfolio of display solutions optimized for any education environment. Whether you are inside the classroom, around the campus, or learning and teaching from home, Samsung’s education line-up gives teachers the tools they need to deliver an enhanced experience, while maintaining student engagement, collaboration and confidence. Samsung’s supporting solutions and education partners also ensure the safety and security of students and teachers for total peace of mind

The Benefits of Digitalization in Education

  • Elevate the classroom experience
    Captivate students with eye-catching visuals and integrate with leading learning platforms and collaboration tools, ready right out of the box.
  • Rethink school-wide communication 
    Deliver informative messages in real time across your network of displays with reliable, easy-to-manage solutions that simplify campus communication.
  • Build safer learning spaces
    Keep the community safe and healthy with up-to-date safety-conscious technologies. Ensure school data and user privacy is secure with Knox protection.

What Samsung offers?

Samsung, the number one global digital signage solution provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of education display solutions for a wide array of applications inside and outside the classroom.

1. Inside the classroom:

ggf Personal study room Auditorium
Increased classroom collaboration and engagement
is critical to ensure every student feels involved and confident. Interactive whiteboard and digital flipchart creates a positive classroom environment.
Personal study room
Students need a properly equipped study room to enhance focus on their self-study. Advanced monitors can create a optimal viewing experience in any study room, helping students stay productive.
LED signage and video walls ensure that any auditorium delivers visible and vibrant content to every student, regardless of how big the space is and how big the audience is.

2. Outside the classroom & around the campus:

Entrance Hallway Lecture room
Make a first impression as students first enter the campus, with digital signage that delivers important information with great visibility, even in bright sunlight.
In a busy hallway with people passing by, display technology becomes even more important in communicating critical  information such as school events, emergency alerts and safety guidelines.
Lecture room
Students and teachers are reliant on digital display technology for lecture information. Small displays can be used as a tool to display the information, installed right outside the classroom.

3. Hybrid classroom solution:

Leading technology providers offer a solution designed for hybrid classroom learning. This integrated solution is built for live, online learning environments with face-to-face engagement, creating a new paradigm in education.

Digitalization in education is not an option, but a must

Even before the pandemic, there was a trend of digitalization in schools and the education sector, but it was focused in urban, more advanced areas and the speed of digitalization was significantly slower compared to what we are seeing now. Since the pandemic, the need for digital transformation and technologies has increased rapidly and governments in countries across the world are increasing their investment in the digitalization of schools and education industry more broadly. With virtual learning the new reality, children must be able to learn whenever and wherever they are, meaning that digitalization in schools and education is no longer an option, but a must.

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