Arkan Integrated empowers Hassan Allam Holding company's by deploying Zoom Phone

Arkan Integrated empowers Hassan Allam Holding company's by deploying Zoom Phone

“Working with a professional partner during various project phases was one of the key service enablers and success factors. Arkan Integrated Solutions was a cornerstone that supported our team remarkably through swiftly achieving various project milestones and smoothly overcoming obstacles,” Mr. Kouriem said.

Allam Holding is one of the largest privately owned construction and engineering corporations in Egypt and the Middle East region.  

When the company faced challenges, the number of subsidiaries and projects was steadily increasing, from a local to a global footprint, spanning Africa, Asia, and Europe. Employees, while working in the office and abroad at construction sites, needed to be able to connect, share information, and collaborate on challenging projects.  

So, our turn came here.
They trusted us when they turned to a partner to upgrade their phone network, and now they are ready to seize new business opportunities. 

Hassan Allam Holding already successfully implemented Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, so when it came to equipping its distributed workforce with modern cloud telephony, the company looked to Zoom Phone.  

            Planning, preparation, roll-out & the importance of partners

They tapped us, for help during deployment. By connecting 2,000 users via Zoom Phone, while still coexisting with Cisco’s IP-based telephone structure, without extended downtime. A critical part of rolling out Zoom Phone was the interaction with Cisco’s existing legacy IP phone system since both systems need to run parallel.  

“It took about one and half months of preparation, during which all basic Zoom Phone settings were configured,” Mr. Kouriem said. “Service licenses were activated, main integrations were performed, technical problems were solved, and required customizations were implemented. Parallel, we created training materials for users to raise awareness.” 

The preparation phase laid the groundwork for the coming switch. Working with the Zoom team and us, Hassan Allam Holding set up the service and securely connected the existing infrastructure to Zoom. 

When it came time to switch, Kouriem’s dedicated team proactively worked to prepare the organization for the move to Zoom Phone by: 

  • Communicating changes to affected users  
  • Hosting virtual events to share progress updates  
  • Preparing the business for potential impacts and having teams on standby to tackle those challenges. 

    Reduced costs, higher satisfaction & global collaboration 

The switch to Zoom Phone was finished in early September 2022. Hassan Allam Holding’s teams are now using the Zoom platform as their daily driver to facilitate high-quality voice and video calls. and with other Zoom products, like Zoom Rooms, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Webinars, Hassan Allam Holding is already reaping the benefits of Zoom’s unified communications platform. Voice calls and video conferencing reduced the total travel expenditure by 30%, while users around the world were able to collaborate more easily. Compared with other solutions, Zoom’s ease of use reduced service desk tickets by 35%, thus freeing up IT resources for other projects.  

Besides collaborating in teams, Hassan Allam Holding has streamlined its way to train and inform employees. Zoom Webinars are quickly becoming a fixture in the company, with up to 3,000 participants joining virtual sessions to hear about relevant business news, processes, or upcoming changes. Zoom’s platform also helped the organization increase overall productivity by 27% and improve user satisfaction by 65%, internal polls showed.  

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