Can noise cancellation make work from home and call centers more productive?

Can noise cancellation make work from home and call centers more productive?

The term noise canceling can be confusing because it relates to two different technologies. Prior to the 2000’s, a noise-canceling headset would only benefit your caller. It had no direct effect on the user of the headset. It was built into the microphone and would cut down on background noise around you, allowing your caller to hear you more clearly. Manufacturers estimate up to 75% of your background noise will be reduced to your caller.

Around 2015, manufacturers started introducing Hybrid and Active Noise-Canceling technology into headsets. This benefits the user of the headset by reducing background noise and distractions, improving their ability to hear more clearly. To find the perfect Noise Canceling Headset to meet your needs, you will need to consider wearing options, corded versus wireless, features and budget. A high-quality noise canceling headset will be compatible with desk phones, VoIP computer softphones, mobile apps and Bluetooth devices.

How a Noise Canceling Microphone Works?

A noise-canceling microphone has two or more microphones picking up sound from different directions. The primary microphone faces your mouth, while secondary microphones pick up background noise in all directions. The headset targets your voice and electronically reduces the background noise. This makes your voice crisp and clear to your caller.

Many different microphone designs exist from tiny holes, to groups of openings and even screens that all allow sound to pass through to the electronic microphone. They all work very similar with no clear advantage of any particular design. The primary noise canceling microphone will always face your mouth and be located on the end of the mic boom.

Noise Canceling

Why get a headset when you work from home?

Work From Home (WFH) seems like a great idea when you’re used to a daily commute to the office, campus, or school. But many people who get the opportunity to work from home find the transition challenging. Some never get the hang of it and quickly return to a more familiar and structured environment. Others get over the initial shock of discovering that WFH isn’t what they expected, adapt to the challenges and learn to thrive in the environment.

Blocking out distractions is one of the most important things that you can do to make it easier to focus on your work while working from home. Blocking out background noise is even more important if you’re trying to maintain a professional veneer while you’re on a conference call or video conference. Fortunately, some headsets can help to block out the noise that’s around you so that you can focus and concentrate. When you choose a headset that has a built-in noise-cancelling microphone, you won’t have to worry about clients or coworkers overhearing what’s going on in the background either.

  • People can make calls with the confidence that they will hear everything that is said to them while anything going on around them gets filtered out.
  • They use the headset as the speakers and the microphone on video conferencing platforms like Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • They use the noise-cancelling function of the headphones to block out distractions or take advantage of the opportunity to play music while they work without worrying about being a distraction to others who are home.

The importance of using a Noise Cancelling Headset in Call Centers:

You should consider noise-canceling headsets for your call center. This is because they help suppress any outside noise and prevent your conversation with customers being interrupted. These headsets will enable you to listen to your customers at low volumes on average, which will potentially preserve your hearing.

The right noise-canceling headphones for your office do not only passively block sounds by providing an effective physical barrier, as you will get with either all in-ear or over-ear headphones.  In fact, they use technology in order to add an extra layer of ANC (active noise canceling) that is particularly invaluable in call centers and anywhere with constant noise at low ranges.

In any call center, a headset is the primary communication device for your call center agents and employees. This is why it is vital to choose a model that is comfortable, compatible, and sounds good. The best headset for call centers will also help in blocking out the noise and distraction in your call center or office. So, it will increase the productivity of your employees while avoiding the annoying distractions of a noisy and crowded office. 

Do you need noise cancelling headset for your business?

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