Change the way you communicate with Sangoma Vega 400G Digital Gateways

Change the way you communicate with Sangoma Vega 400G Digital Gateways

Sangoma’s Vega 400G VoIP Gateway is a quad port T1/E1/PRI supporting up to 120 simultaneous calls. The Vega 400G is interoperable with most legacy and VoIP carriers and features exclusive Local Survivability with dedicated failover ports.

 Gateway Application
SIP Trunking PSTN Trunking remote-connectivity

SIP Trunking

Businesses with legacy phone systems can install a Vega gateway to seamlessly connect to VoIP services or a SIP trunk.

PSTN Trunking

Businesses already IP at the core can install Vega gateways to connect to the PSTN for failover.

Remote Connectivity

Connect legacy phone systems to remote sites over private VoIP links.

Facts about Sangoma Vega 400 Gateway:
  • Supports Up to 120 Simultaneous VoIP Calls
  • Branch Office Survivability
  • Voice, FAX and Modem Support
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback & Least Cost Routing
  • Emergency PSTN Backup
  • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy & IP Equipment
  • Ideal for Private Wire or Point-to-point Applications
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans


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    Vega 400G Digital Gateways are great for businesses with legacy phone equipment (such as a TDM Phone Systems) who want to connect to SIP trunking services without having to spend money altering their current network infrastructure. They are also great for businesses that are already VoIP-enabled at the core (with an IP-PBX) that need PSTN connectivity and require a SIP-to-TDM converter.

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