How Digital Transformation is changing the retail industry?

How Digital Transformation is changing the retail industry?

An efficient Retail Management process helps customers to procure the desired merchandise form retail stores seamlessly. It includes all the steps required to bring the customers into the store and fulfill their buying needs. It saves time and ensures the customers easily locate their desired merchandise and return home satisfied. With the goal of ensuring that the retail organization functions at its highest capacity, serves its target consumers and reaching to the profitable growth. Technology providers are working heavily to provide solutions that either facilitate and improve the customer experience or help retailers properly monitor and manage their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

3 Remarkable Solutions that will totally change the future of the Retail Management System

      1. Kiosks:

Kiosks became a powerful and innovative digital transformation tool to help your business provide customers with an admirable customer experience. Kiosks will enable you to manage your information flow regardless of how geographically spread are your branches, big your building is or even want to deliver different messages to different audiences. Kiosks efficiently helps retailers in a wide range of applications:

  • Communicating marketing messages, like promotions, new products, bundles, etc.
  • Customer self-service for order entry, payments and delivery arrangements. 
  • Customer service communication with call center and online entries.
  • Bill Payment and service changes.


    2. Electronic Shelf labels:

    An electronic shelf label (ESL) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The product pricing are automatically updated whenever a price is changed from a central control server. It allows you to add your promotion prices and guarantees that your customers see all your optimal prices.

  • Electronic Shelf Label has so many Pros:

    • Increases the accuracy of the prices and gives a flexibility to correct them whenever you want.
    • Increases the efficiency and reduces the labor cost.
    • Improves your business image with more credibility and customer satisfaction.
    • Show additional details and information about the product whenever needed.
    • Make changes on product price labels and promotion across all branches and/or group of branches with a click of a button.

    3. Footfall and People Counting:

    People counting is an electronic device used for counting people who are coming into the premises. People counting sensors belong to a group of visitor analytics solutions that allow retailers to gain better insight into how people behave in their stores. These sensors monitor customer activity, measuring important retail metrics like customer footfall, conversion rate, and average dwell time. The tracking sensors can also be used to plot customers’ paths through stores, highlighting the sections they visit frequently and spend the most time in. People Counting has some major Benefits for the Retail Management System:

    • It provides an optimal staff allocation.
    • Increases the sales conversion rate.
    • Enhances the marketing campaigns performance.
    • Help understanding in-store customer behavior more precisely and efficiently.

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