Top 10 Noise Cancelling Headsets for Working From Home & Call Centers

Top 10 Noise Cancelling Headsets for Working From Home & Call Centers

When you are looking for a headset that will work for your business, there are a few different areas that you need to consider to find the performance and comfort that you need. Noise cancelling headsets vary in the way they fit the ears, the location of the microphone, and the features that they provide to the user. If you find the combination of elements that work for you, your focus and productivity will stay high. No matter what style of headset you decide to go with for your communications, you need it to provide you with clear, distraction-free performance, comfort, and reliable connectivity at a reasonable price.

Top 10 Noise Cancelling Headsets for WFH or Call Centers or Both!

1. Jabra Biz 2400 II

The Jabra Biz offers intuitive controls, HD voice clarity, and a 360 swiveling boom mic. The Biz 2400 II by Jabra features a USB connection, a noise cancellation microphone, and intuitive call controls include an answer and end call button. The headset has a Peakstop feature, which helps filter out sharp breathing as well as popping sounds. 

1. Jabra Biz 2400 II
Sennheiser CC 550 IP

2. Sennheiser CC 550 IP

The CC 550 IP headset by Sennheiser offers incredible sound and voice clarity, These Sennheiser headsets use background noise canceling and a USB connection to allow its user to concentrate on his work. Also its noise reduction feature can eliminate audio interference. 

3. Plantronics Voyager Focus

The Voyager Focus UC by Plantronics is a stereo headset that has active noise canceling technology. The soft and comfy memory foam ear cushions will feel comfortable, and you can wear them all day. Also, while most headsets often come with just one microphone, this headset has three. The mics also cancel ambient noise in loud and noisy environments and can effectively capture voices for clear calls.

Plantronics voyager focuss
Logitech H650e

4. Logitech H650e

The Logitech H650e is a remarkable headset for call centers, and it will give you plenty of features without costing a fortune. If you are purchasing headsets for a large customer-facing team, then Logitech’s wireless headset is great as it offers a high-quality and anyone who is testing the waters of working from home will appreciate the low cost of entry that this headset delivers. The microphone also has built-in noise canceling and echo-canceling features.

5. Jabra Pro 9450 Midi-Boom Headset System

Jabra’s Pro 9450 headset system will add more flexibility and convenience compared to other headsets by providing convenient connection modes for working with PCs, desk phones, or both. The headsets feature wideband sound with amazing noise canceling technology that ensures fidelity for wearers and the callers.  The headsets also allow for a seamless transition between taking a vital customer call and listening to music.

Jabra Pro 9450 Midi-Boom Headset System
Plantronics-CS540 Wireless and Convertible Headset

6. Plantronics-CS540 Wireless and Convertible Headset

This slim black headset from Plantronics is excellent as it flaunts a contemporary and sleek design. It is a stylish and unique alternative to bulky and heavy devices. The product comes with a headband and both ear loops. This will allow its user to customize it to his wearing preferences. And in terms of sound, this headset features an extended boom microphone that helps eliminate ambient noise.

7. Sennheiser SC 660 Headset

SC 660 headset by Sennheiser is a wired telephone headset. The product is suitable for call centers and office environments. The headset features stereo sound and has dual earpieces for customer calls that require maximum clarity and focus.  The product uses a USB connector, so it is plug-and-play with several different devices you may receive calls with. And this makes it very convenient for your agents. The headset is great as it is perfect for all-day sessions. 

Sennheiser SC 660 Headset
Koss CS100

8. Koss CS100

The Koss brand is popular in the industry for its top-notch headphones. Your call center reps will appreciate this high-quality and reliable headset.  The product is perfect for call centers as it comes with a noise-canceling microphone. the Koss CS100 provides clear audio quality. However, Koss stands apart from other companies as it offers a lifetime warranty.

9. Bose QuietComfort 35

There is no doubt that Bose has made a name for itself as one of the leading brands of headsets that cancel out ambient background noise. So, whether you are talking in a busy and noisy call center or on a noisy airplane, these headphones are fabulous. They have customizable noise cancellation, dual microphones, and comfortable earplugs that will not bother your employees’ ears or head even if they wear them all day.

Bose QuietComfort 35
Cisco 500-Series Headsets

10. Cisco 500-Series Headsets

You cannot get much better than Cisco, whether you are looking for wired or wireless headsets. This Cisco headset comes with power noise cancellation. This feature is fantastic as it will not only minimize background interference but also enhance the user’s voice. This will promote crystal clear conversations and keep your customers happy.


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