What differentiates Zoom Phone from the competitors?

What differentiates Zoom Phone from the competitors?

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes. includes hundreds of features and capabilities that differentiate it from the competition.

Zoom Phone includes modern PBX features designed to give users a flexible and powerful cloud phone system, such as SMS, Elevate to Meeting, Call Recording, Call Delegation, and more to help organizations improve the safety of their workforce, increase productivity, and deliver business continuity.

Here are some of Zoom phone's modern features:


Zoom phone makes it easy to send and receive text messages on your work number, and you’ll retain the history of that text message. using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app SMS is available to Zoom Phone Native customers. 

You can also use SMS with a call queue or auto receptionist

2_Elevate to meeting
Zoom phone calls can be elevated to zoom meetings with the click of a button

Zoom is a single platform and Zoom Phone seamlessly integrates with other Zoom products, such as Meetings. For example, it's easy to transition from a Zoom Phone call to a full-featured Zoom Meeting with a single click. Tap or click the Meet button from the Zoom Phone dial pad and your phone call will transition to a meeting.
3_Call Recording

The Call Recording feature supports both on-demand and full-time call recording, transcriptions, and playback allowing users to easily archive and retrieve phone conversations. Customers can use this feature for legal and compliance purposes.

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4_Call Delegation

The Call Delegation feature allows administrative assistants the privilege to make and receive calls on behalf of executives. Call Delegation is fully customizable in Zoom Phone. We deliver a true shared line appearance, making it possible to see when your delegate has placed a call for you on hold and you can conveniently pick it up.

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