What is VoIP CRM Integration and what are the benefits?

What is VoIP CRM Integration and what are the benefits?

In today’s world customers demand a seamless experience regardless of the channels they use to conduct business in today's environment when everything has gone digital. To stay competitive, your company should provide consumers a variety of communication methods, including instant messaging, phone, email, and social media platforms. Your employees must also have rapid access to specific customer information so that they can quickly respond to consumer complaints.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are such an invaluable tool, helping you with all of that and it can make your business keep track of every interaction with your customers and prospects. Integrating your cloud PBX with your CRM system will provide a variety of benefits and synergies.

Customer Relationship Management involves the consolidation and managing of the company’s relationships with potential and existing customers with the aim of enhancing their experience.

To achieve CRM goals, leading companies consider CRM Phone Integration solutions from reputable vendors through VoIP CRM Integration.

VoIP CRM Integration is the connectivity between a VoIP phone system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Through the integration, all the information is automatically synced between the 2 tools.

What are the Key Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration?

  • It allows employees to view the company's CRM from any location at any time.
  • It saves money due to its flexible design and ability to integrate with existing systems.
  • It can analyze and store data as all phone calls are synced with the CRM data management system.
  • It automates tracking: the CRM-phone integration automatically enters information such as the date and time of the call, the caller's identity, and even the caller's location. You'll be able to get to know your consumers, follow their interactions with your company, and quickly meet their requirements using this data.
  • It's real-time: whenever and whenever a customer phones, all CRM notes, previous client interactions, and any other valued information about that client is instantly retrieved. Your staff will be able to establish rapport with consumers because of this.
  • You have the option of recording your customer interactions. This can assist in determining the level of service offered by staff.
  • Better conversion rates for potential customers
  • Higher productivity and efficiency: without PBX-CRM connectivity, salespeople would have a harder time keeping track of their phone contacts with customers. Manual data entry into the CRM will be required, wasting important time and effort.

    So, it increases your company’s revenue as CRM software's primary role is to help and you’re your sales connected to customers and informed about their interactions.

  • More satisfied customers: When a customer places an incoming call, support agents can automatically view their personal information and profile, including any previous interactions between the customer and your business. Customers who are calling to follow up about a technical support issue, for example, can be directed to the agent who previously handled their call. Ultimately, integrating your PBX and CRM systems leads to shorter wait times, shorter calls, and more satisfied customers.

HubSpot offer VoIP phone integration? 

Yes, HubSpot offers HubSpot phone integration that allows you to leverage various functionalities. You can make calls and send texts, use SMS automation, and track all calls/texts from within your HubSpot account directly.


Integrations are a popular issue in IT these days, as businesses of all sizes and sectors strive to bring their disparate pieces closer together. Integration of a PBX with a CRM system is a strong and effective tool for increasing sales productivity, gaining wiser data-driven insights, and providing a better customer experience.

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