10 tips for a successful video conference call

10 tips for a successful video conference call

Studies have shown that more than 60% of executives agree that video conference calls create stronger relationships between coworkers and lead to better communication compared to audio conference calls, and the traditional meetings.Getting everyone in the same place at the same time is too expensive, and time-consuming. It also likely means that some employees don't get what they want or need due to these practical issues. But with video conferencing, your employees can access live meeting or training offered at another branch across or outside the country or even watch recorded sessions at a time that best suits their schedules.

Video conferencing has become an important way of communication of the business world and helps improve the connectedness of remote members, it's no longer a futuristic novelty—they are a reality for many businesses around the world, it enables everyone to easily work from home, meet with distant coworkers, managers, and clients face-to-face, and quickly connect with field offices from anywhere in the world.

To make your video conferencing meetings more productive, you have to review the general video conferencing best practices, read the following tips to learn how to improve the experience whether you are an on the same site participant or you are remote video conference participant:




1- Test your equipment and tools

Take from 10 to 15 minutes at least before your meeting to test your video conferencing hardware and software. Test your audio, video, and internet connection to make sure that they’re working well so that you can get a smooth video collaboration during the conference.

At the beginning of the video conference, the meeting organizer should be sure that everyone is on camera and audio working so this doesn't become an issue later in the meeting.

2- Check Your Surroundings

Where you are going to be sitting for the video conference meeting can affect the impression you make on those in attendance. Any noise will distract from the main objective of the meeting and it will cause participants to assume that you’re disorganized and unprepared. So you have to keep distractions away and select your environment carefully.

3- Be ready on the meeting time.

This rule should be followed with any meeting if it is a video conference or a traditional meeting. However, when you're going to join a video conference, this rule is more important. Because everything is more visible in a video conference than in the physical meeting. So being on time will lead to a very successful and effective meeting.

4- Dress appropriately for the video conference meeting, not only for the physical meeting.

It’s a common mistake to think that what you wear to a video conference call doesn’t matter as much as it would in the physical meeting. But while you might be able to get away with wearing casual shoes, because no one is going to see them, you should make sure that you’re presentable.

5- Mute yourself when not speaking.

Most microphones can pick up minor background noises, like coughs, sneezes, or typing even though you may not be speaking and think you're being quiet. These sounds can easily potentially even cause annoyance and distract other participants.

6- Have the right light.

Poor lighting conditions have a bad effect on video conference quality. You'll want to make sure that there is enough light in the room you're in so that your video isn't unwatchable.

7- Look into the camera, not at the screen.

A common mistake is looking at the screen instead of the camera when speaking to another participant. While it may seem like the right thing to do, it actually makes it appear as if you're not paying attention. This will make you come across as less professional. Looking into the camera lens is the equivalent of looking into the person's eyes, so when you looking into the camera the other participant will be comfortable.

8- Have everything you need ready before meeting time.

Think about everything that you’ll be discussing during the conference call. Do you have statistics or reports to share? You don’t want to interrupt the call halfway through in order to find what you need, so spend some time getting your thoughts in order and your paperwork organized beforehand.

If the information is saved on your computer, then it’s a good idea to have the documents already opened in the background or at least saved in a folder on your desktop where you can get to them quickly when needed. Have any paper documents by your side in a folder and any other office supplies.

9- Never speak at the same time while others are discussing something.

It becomes really challenging when there are lots of guests at the same conference. You need to practice patience and refrain from speaking while others are discussing any idea. It is suggested for the host to hold his queries until the end so that everybody gets an opportunity to voice their opinions. It the host task to manage the conference meeting in order to make it successful, and useful.

10- Choose the proper software and hardware.

Having the right video conferencing hardware and camera is very important for a successful video conference call. You'll also need a software solution that your employees can use without frustration or extensive training. If you're looking for high-quality hardware and software, check out our video conferencing solutions, and get the best quality for your company's video conference call.


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