How to empower your business with the perfect video conferencing in 2021

How to empower your business with the perfect video conferencing in 2021

It has now become clear that using new communication tools is essential for businesses who seek to grow and keep up their relationships whether internally with employees or externally with customers, partners, suppliers and vendors... Etc. That’s why a strong and reliable video conferencing system is important for your business. It facilitates the flow of the different work activities without the headache of travelling for one-to-one meetings and wasting your time.

Video Conferencing has multiple advantages and functions such as, boosting the productivity, increasing collaboration among organization different departments or globally, saving time and enabling today’s digitalization into your workforce.

So, to get the most out of video conferencing solution benefits, choosing the right service for your business matters and asking some critical questions is quite important. How many participants will ultimately use the solution? Would you need to integrate it with other applications such as Microsoft Outlook or salesforce? How many times will you schedule a video conferencing meeting? Here are some factors that will help you choose the perfect video conferencing provider.

  1. Advanced functions and features

How your system is going in parallel with the latest trends and tools on the market are very important factors when it comes to choosing the right Video Conferencing provider.

  • Screen sharing keeps participants engaged and makes a meeting more interactive. it is one of the most remarkable features as it keeps the conversation more interactive.
  • Smart Meetings: Artificial intelligence (AI) is now taking an outstanding part for being integrated with some video conferencing platforms. For example, it will automatically help in taking notes for participants and send them a nice and inclusive overview after the meeting which will serve them instead of scrambling to take the notes during the conference.
  • Mobile experience: People are supposed to be connecting remotely through video conferencing which means, that it has to support connecting users from different devices and smartphones so they are equally having a positive experience compared with those who are connecting via desktop or setup meeting rooms.
  • Real time transcription and translation for meetings, introduced by the power of (AI) for people who have different nationalities is considered as another magical feature that many companies have already relied on nowadays. For that kept in mind, hybrid meetings are no longer different than one-to-one meetings.

    2. The high quality and resolution
    Currently, we are welcoming the new era of 4K video conferencing which is simply a live video conference call that is captured, transmitted and delivered end to end using the ultra-high definition 4K resolution. 4K video conferencing provides organizations with the finest choice for both high-powered meetings and everyday interactions, with a quality that is 8X higher than 720p.
    Although you have to make sure the quality of your conferencing tools matches your needs while looking for the ideal video conferencing solution as you don't want to be staring at the screen because you can't read the image on the whiteboard if you're going to be talking with consumers and clients. Don't forget to think about audio quality as well. Just because the video is available doesn't mean you should sacrifice the clarity of your conversation.

    3. Privacy and security
    Consider thinking of how would that system provide you with full control and security tools to protect your meetings. As your video has to stream encrypted to stop other people from tapping into the meeting from a distance and you shall have a complete control over who gets to enter your meetings at any given time.

    4. Cloud vs. on premise
  • Enterprises who have already invested in on-premise video collaboration technology and structured their wide area network to enable conversations with the greatest quality, reliability, and security can opt for an on-premise alone solution or a hybrid on-premise.
  • Businesses with a large number of small offices and teleworkers may want to carefully explore a cloud-only solution. A cloud-based solution might save you a lot of money. You could believe that a few well-chosen pieces of on-premise infrastructure would sufficient at first look.

    5. At a desk or in a conference room
    To choose the perfect Video Conferencing system you need to determine whether you will use it at a desk or in a conference room.
    At a desk depends on where’s your desk located. It can be open office, home office or executive office but In a conference room this case you will need to figure out the number of users to be able to get a video conferencing that fits you.

The picture is very promising from the early days of working from anywhere has spread out globally till today’s social distancing and working from home trends came along. From AI-driven features to flexible room systems, video conferencing services are all about making meetings more collaborative and productive.

Do you need to get the right video conferencing solution for your business?

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