How Occupancy Management could benefit the retail industry during social distancing and COVID-19?

How Occupancy Management could benefit the retail industry during social distancing and COVID-19?

The occupancy management solution is used to count the inflow and outflow of visiting people in various locations with unparalleled accuracy. This enables you to manage your maximum capacity in real time. The simultaneous transmission of what is happening also allows direct communication with the people visiting your space, making it both transparent and safe.
This has never been more important than now with the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way in which we need to go about our daily lives to maintain social distancing to reduce infection rates. Organizations need reliable methods to determine how many people are within the zones on their sites in order to manage entry rates during this time and as the country begins a phased return to activity.

Therefore, there are sensors that accurately measure people flow and thus offer the necessary data to develop analytic solutions to accurately manage the fill level and monitor distance between individuals and also Technologies that enable businesses to comply with capacity regulations and provide a safe environment for customers with no additional entrance staff and without risking further spread of the virus and to keep the customers and colleagues safe while remaining compliant with local regulations regarding social distancing and occupancy management.

Occupancy Management benefits for your business :

  1. Monitor how many people are in various zones within a site and the site as a whole
  2. Adhere to social distancing guidelines by controlling entry rates
  3. Receive Live occupancy updates via a display screen using Windows Realtime
  4. Set maximum occupancy levels and receive audio, visual, email and text warnings when these capacity limits are approaching or reached
  5. Use multiple counters to view how many people enter different zones in a single site
  6. Schedule maintenance activities when customer numbers are typically low
  7. Manage buildings better
  8. Advise site managers on effective staffing levels at times of varying occupancy – improve customer service and reduce staff costs.


How does the social distancing and occupancy management solution is being implemented?

Each business need to plan its social distancing measures at first in order to reduce risk of transmission and also ensure compliance with the latest advice and guidance. Then, the enhanced live occupancy solution can be implemented and customized to their specific requirements. This can be configured with screen displays at the entrance to the store or site that quickly informs customers whether it is safe to enter, or for them to wait until another customer exits, because maximum occupancy has been reached. Also, the technology can be configured with automatic door closures and door locking systems. You can use this solution in addition to your current supplier’s traffic data.

If you are part in any of these businesses below, you're most likely to need this solution

  • Supermarkets and retail stores.
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, dental surgeries, opticians and audiology clinics.
  • Offices, GYMs, public places and transport hubs.
  • Petrol stations.
  • Banks and building societies.
  • Storage and distribution facilities.
  • Government buildings and general offices.

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