Panasonic decides to discontinue PBX Systems by 2023, Why?

Panasonic decides to discontinue PBX Systems by 2023, Why?


Panasonic has made the strategic decision to discontinue the “Panasonic Business Communication” business (Panasonic PBX telephone systems, SIP telephone systems, and Scanner categories) in a time frame of two years from the announcement date (02.12.2020).

Why Are The Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued?

In recent years Panasonic has worked hard to find a way to continue the business by making their organization and its relationships with partners as sustainable as possible.

However, it has become apparent that this is not possible to continue given the current business environment based on the limited capability of factory resources as described below.

  • A sharp decline of the market and rapid shift to cloud-based solutions.
  • A technological mismatch between factory and future market needs and trends.
  • Lagging behind their competitor’s R&D activities.
  • A constant financial deficit due to the reasons above.
  • Shift to new types of demand (Teams, Zoom, etc.) significantly accelerated by Covid-19 which makes the future of the Panasonic business untenable and unpredictable.
    IP PBX

If you Have A Discontinued Panasonic PBX Telephone System What Can you Do?

For current Panasonic customers it's time to start thinking about which vendor might be next for you. The future of the communications market looks like it will be dominated by cloud-based collaboration platforms. These systems take business communication to the next level, beyond traditional telephony, with features like videoconferencing, team chat, document sharing, and of course calling and dial plans, all from one platform.

Brands expected to capture Panasonic customers...

  1. Yeastar PBX System 

    Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs for SMEs and delivers Unified Communications (UC) solutions that connect the workforce and clients more efficiently.

  2. Avaya IP Office 

    The Avaya IP Office™ Platform is a powerful Unified Communications (UC) and customer experience solution specifically designed for small and midsize businesses.

  3. Sangoma PBXact

    Sangoma PBXact is a customizable & flexible PBX, driven by the innovation of a large community of developers committed to delivering the best features for every application.

  4. 3CX phone system 

    3CX phone system is an open-platform and fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks, it scales with your business and remains cost-effective with powerful features like (Call queues , Built-in video calls, and web conferencing).

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