How to measure retail KPIs with footfall counting solutions?

How to measure retail KPIs with footfall counting solutions?

People counting is an electronic device used for counting people who are coming into the premises. It is mounted perpendicularly on the top of the entrance door, and periodically send the data of number of visitors to the central server. Central database collect the data from each of the store and compile reports showing the historical trends, allow user to do comparison and integrate with sales data for the sales conversion. Users can login to the software and view the reports anytime at any place or export the data to other business system. A stable internet connection is vital, to be able to transmit all of this data over the internet.

It has many uses, based on the type of business and the size of the site. The 3 suggested applications are: Social distancing, emergency situations and resource management.

People Counting Benefits for the Retailers:

People counting sensors belong to a group of visitor analytics solutions that allow retailers to gain better insight into how people behave in their stores. These sensors monitor customer activity, measuring important retail metrics like customer footfall, conversion rate, and average dwell time. The tracking sensors can also be used to plot customers’ paths through stores, highlighting the sections they visit frequently and spend the most time in.

Why do you need to adopt people counting sensors for your store/chain of stores?

Because technology revolutionizes retail as you know it. Supported by AI-powered software, the sensors make it possible to track all the essential retail metrics. You can collect analytics that points out if your store is staffed optimally if your customers are satisfied, and how many sales opportunities you lose every day. This puts retailers in a better position to measure and optimize retail KPIs. 



  • Optimal staff allocation: People counting systems will allow you to optimize staff planning and daily operations by determining the correct number of staff to attend to customers and achieve outstanding customer service. There will be a positive correlation between improving customer service and maximizing the sales opportunities. As a retailer, you will be provided with insights into the amount of staff required during holiday periods, the effectiveness of staff during peak and non-peak hours, as well as being able to construct and understand reliable forecasts. In addition to this, the data provided will assist with improved financial structure which will ultimately benefit the retailers profitability. 
  • Sales conversion: Retail people counting systems help retailers evaluate their potential to increase sales and profits. Simply analyzing revenue achieved is an inadequate method of evaluating this. By looking at the traffic ratio compared to the number of sales is a much more efficient and effective tool. Making it evident that stores that provide an excellent customer experience will have a higher conversion rate. Missed opportunities become more transparent as well as being able to compare performance between multiple retail stores. Qualitative customer traffic data allows a comprehensive examination of the way consumers shop and establish valid sales performances during varying periods within each retail stores.   
  • Marketing campaigns performance: People Counting data allows you to measure and quantify the impact that marketing strategies have. Analyzing this data allows you to understand factors such as the frequency of new or returning customers, whether target audience are in attendance, ROI, conversion rates etc. Ultimately, helping you as the retailer to make improved budgeting decisions during the process of creating future campaigns. 
  • Understanding customer behavior: To stand out from other retailers, applying People Counting solutions allows you to gain insights to elements such as: the time customers spend within the store, popular routes that customers use within the store, product placement optimization, waiting times and more. Being able to turn these valuable insights into meaningful reports and KPIs permit you to discover and improve your store performance. 

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